Certificate of Good Conduct



  • An Introductory letter by the applicant
  • Original second-generation national identification card and a clear photocopy (Kenyan passports not accepted).
  • Pay USD 20 as a processing fee
  • Fingerprints and palm prints recorded on a prescribed form at the nearest Police Station in Russia.This document should have a police endorsement seal or stamp A translation of the same into English.
  • If not registered and issued with a Kenyan ID. Card as per Cap. 107 Laws of Kenya must prove that he/she attained the age of 18 years while outside the country and is yet to return. A letter from the mission, certified copy of birth certificate and passport are relevant in this case. If the applicatant is a foreigner, then documentary proof that the applicant resided in Kenya and a certified photocopy of the applicant’s passport will also be required in addition to the above listed requirements