Kenya Embassy Angola


Kenya is a multiethnic and multiracial society and is rich in cultural and natural heritage. The Government of Kenya aware of the interactions between culture and development pays great attention to the promotion of cultural activities in the country.
The cultural heritage is promoted through educational and social activities that are deliberately organized. There are annual events such as music, art exhibition, and dance and drama festivals.
The efforts by the public institutions to promote cultural activities are augmented by individuals as well as the private sector. The most known cultural activities include the music, dance and drama festivals organized by educational institutions from local level to national level. There are also festivals organized by non educational institutions.
Apart from the above activities, the Ministry of Culture and Sports runs a Cultural Centre, the Bomas of Kenya which is one of the tourist attractions. Traditional dances are performed at this centre. Types of traditional homes (bomas) are found at this centre. There are also cultural events organized at local levels whereby exhibitions and performances are carried out depicting ways of life of the community.
Kenya Government has established institutions to identify and conserve its cultural and natural heritage. Such institutions include the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) and Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS).
The NMK was established in 1910. It is a State Corporation whose mission is to collect, document and to study the past and present cultural and natural heritage. Its mission is also to enhance knowledge, appreciation, respect, management and use of these resources for the benefit of Kenya and the World. The activities of the NMK therefore include collection and research in cultural and natural sciences as well as preservation of and protection of over 2,000 sites and monuments which are of archaeological/palaeontological or architectural significance. The NMK has regional museums found in other regions of Kenya. The Educational role of the NMK complements what is being offered by the national education curriculum.
Kenya Wildlife Services is in-charge of the Game Reserves and National Parks, found in both terrestrial and marine environments.

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