How long before my travel should I apply for a visa?

The usual processing period is two working days. Citizens of countries which require referred visas have to apply as early as 1 month prior to intended travel. See the list of countries here.

What other documents, besides the visa application, do I have to submit?

Tourists need to submit an a letter from their tour company on its letter-head or an hotel booking. For personal or business visits applicants have to submit an invitation letter from an individual or company respectively
For transit visa the applicant should be in possession of a valid visa to the country of final destination.

What are the requirements for an invitation letter?

There are no specific requirements for an invitation letter. The period and address of stay in Kenya should be indicated. The inviting party should also mention they are ready to cover all expenses arising during the trip.

I am not an Angolan citizen. Can I apply for a visa online?

Citizens of any country can apply for a visa online at https://www.ecitizen.go.ke.

Can I receive a visa at the point of entry?

Yes, if you a citizen of any country not included in the list of countries that require referred visa.There are online application booths at the airport. However, if you have an opportunity it’s better to apply online in advance to avoid any delays at the airport.

How do I pay for the visa?

The payment is made in US dollars using a Visa card or Master card.

I live outside Luanda. How can I apply for a visa?

visa applications can be made online through https://www.ecitizen.go.ke.

Do I need a vaccination certificate?

A vaccination certificate is not required.

Are there any specific requirements for holders of an alien’s passport?

Holders of an alien’s passport need to have a referred visa regardless of the country issuing the passport. Documents should be submitted 1 month prior to intended travel.

Do all nationalities/persons require a visa?

1. Nationals of the following countries do NOT require a visa: click here for the full list.

2. Nationals of the following countries, and also stateless persons/refugees, must apply for a REFERRED visa: click here for the full list and application procedure to be followed.

3. Nationals of the following countries receive GRATIS visas: click here for the full list.

4. Nationals of all countries not listed in 1 and 2 above DO require a visa, and can apply online.

5. Certain categories of persons do NOT require a visa: click here for the full list.

Do children need a visa?

No. Children under 16 do not need a visa.

What other documents besides visa application do I have to submit?

You will require a passport with a validity of at least six months with two blank pages, a scanned copy of the bio-data page of your passport, a copy of your travel itinerary. If your host is a Kenyan, you will require an invitation letter and copy of his national ID or Passport. If your host is a foreigner you will require two copies of applicants residential/work permit if not residing in their country

If you are visiting Kenya for seven days or less, what kind of visa do you need?

A single journey visa for business or tourism.

When is a transit visa required?

A transit visa is required for visitors who leave the airport or seaport for the specific purpose of travelling to a third country (i.e. to await a connecting flight, to await boarding a (cruise) ship, or to travel overland to a neighbouring country by bus/car/shuttle). Proof of the connecting flight/cruise or overland transfer is required.
Please note: The maximum validity of a transit visa is three days (72 hours).

Do you need a transit visa if you do not leave the transit zone at the airport while waiting for a connecting flight?


Must an applicant apply for a visa in person?

No, a third party may make the online application. Tour companies can also make applications obehalf of their customers.

Does each member of a group/family travelling to Kenya together have to present an individual “proof of intended visit”?

No, they may present a joint document (containing all names & the travel dates).

How long beforehand should you apply for a visa?

It takes two days to process single, transit and courtesy visa applications online.Citizens of countries which require referred visas have to apply as early as 1 month prior to intended travel.

How long is a visa valid for?

Once a visa has been issued, travelers must enter Kenya within three months (i.e. before the expiry date of the visa).

Does the visa endorsement in a passport allow visitors to stay in Kenya?

No, in addition to the visa endorsement that allows entry, the visitor is issued with a visitor’s pass at the port of entry. The visitor’s pass indicates the period of time the visitor may stay in the country. It is issued for an initial period of 90 days, but can be extended for a further 90 days (i.e maximum of 180 days), depending on the need.

If you have a valid visitor’s pass and visit Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and/or Burundi, then return to Kenya within the validity of the pass, would you need another visa?

Please note: the visa is only valid if you do not leave the boundary of Kenya.

Does the embassy refund visas which have not been used, or transfer them to another date?

No. The Embassy is not responsible for cancelled journeys and therefore there are no refunds.

Do I need a vaccination certificate against yellow fever?

You do not require a vaccination certificate to visit Kenya. However if you intend to proceed to Tanzania you will require a Yellow fever Vacination

What are the requirements for multiple-entry visa?

A multiple entry visa is valid for six months or 1 year and allows you unlimited entry and exit to the territory of Kenya during this period. Multiple visas are referred visas and therefore need to be applied for 1 month prior to travel date. Multiple visas are not issued at port of entry