1. The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) is conducting the first-ever online Diaspora Remittances Survey (DRS) from March to April 2021.
  2. Remittances play an important role in social and economic development and, are an important source of foreign exchange. The success of the Survey will enhance diaspora mainstreaming into the national development process in fulfillment of the Diaspora Policy fundamentals.
  3. The purpose of the Diaspora Remittances Survey is, therefore, to help:
    • Understand the challenges Kenyans in the diaspora face when they are remitting cash or non-cash transfers.
    • Improve the accuracy of data on remittances to Kenya necessary for the compilation of the country’s balance of payments and national accounts.
    • Collect information on remittance inflows to Kenya to help guide policy with the objective of boosting the role of remittances in supporting the economy and livelihood.
    • Inform how COVID- 19 pandemic and other events in source countries affected remittances.
  4. The Diaspora Remittances Survey will be conducted online in two parts as follows:
    • First Phase will focus on the sources of remittances (remitters and the source countries).
    • Second Phase will target the households that receive remittances.
  1. The first phase of the survey targeting the Kenyan Diaspora is being conducted in this month of April 2021. The details of the survey can be found at and the questionnaire at
  2. All Kenyans in Angola are encouraged to take part in the survey.

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